La dernière compil’ de Jean Mat

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Another Winter on Oléron with Jean-Mat De Ridder from 2r on Vimeo.
Well, with about a ton of GB of footage, my hard drive was about to explode. I had to sort out all these rushes. Most of them show just a few minutes of ride, because of the rain or coldness it’s not always an easy thing to be behind the camera. I guess I should thank Ben Devinat and my girlfriend Carole !
All these images are from Oléron Island, most of time it lacks light, just like it is here in the winter. The spots are, in order of appearance, Grand Village, Matha, Les Boulassiers, La Perroche and Les Palles.
Gear : Fanatic Quad 76 & Skate 93, North Hero 4.5, 4.0 & 3.4
The soundtrack is from Sheik Anorak.
Hope you’ll enjoy
Vivement l’hiver prochain ! à +

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